Halas Arborists

Tree Removal Without Heavy Equipment


While heavy equipment may help speed up tree removal, we believe in taking the time to do it right. Don't risk a cracked driveway or damage to neighboring trees by using heavy equipment. Have your problem trees removed safely and respectfully by the award-winning climbers at Halas Arborists.

Dying or dangerous trees

Is your property cluttered with unsightly or unhealthy trees? Are you worried about overgrown branches coming down in a storm and damaging your property? Put your fears to rest when you call in the experts at Halas Arborists.


Since 1990, we've been helping the people of Charlotte and the surrounding area to beautify and protect their property. We take pride in our ability to safely lower sections of trees with rigging blocks and lowering lines (ropes). If you've got sick trees on your property, then you need fast removal that won't spread bugs or disease to other plants, so call us today.

•  Safe block and tackle moving

•  Minimize property damage

•  Lower costs

•  No ruts in your yard

•  Prevent damage to neighboring trees and landscapes

•  Good for the environment and less fuel use

•  Less soil compaction

Give us a call today for a tree removal that's kind to your property and to your pocketbook.

Make the smart choice and trust our master arborists to remove trees from your yard safely and effectively. Using traditional climbing and block and tackle methods we'll get your trees down FAST.

The benefits of by hand tree removal

Safe tree removal

Carl Halas has won the ISA   Southern Chapter Climbing Competition, which covers eight states, two years in a row.

Removing trees with care and respect for over 30 years

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