Halas Arborists

Tree Removal Without Heavy Equipment


Overgrown trees can be a serious problem. Not only do they look bad, they also drop their branches more often, and there's more opportunity for them to contract serious diseases. A properly pruned tree will be much healthier.

Pruning for appearances and safety

When you trust us with your pruning needs, you can be confident that we will go above and beyond the standards for our business. You'll love the way that your trees look when we're done with them.


Every tree is unique, that's why you can't cut corners when it comes to who you hire to do your pruning. In the wrong hands chainsaws can be used to mangle a tree, but in the right hands they become a powerful tool to help your trees grow better.

  • Fruit trees

  • Ornamental trees

  • Large Shade Trees

  • Branches too close to power lines and driveways

  • Branches too close to satellite dishes

  • Broken branches and dead branches

  • All types of trees and shrubbery

  • Storm damage

Get the results that you want from the trees on your property when you call us today.

Many of our clients call us back year after year.We hope you will too !


Trust our skilled arborists

Don't let your trees get out of control

Ornamental Shaping -

We have a talent for pruning back overgrown trees and shrubbery while preserving their natural appearance.

Skilled pruning helps your trees to grow stronger and look better !