Halas Arborists

Tree Removal Without Heavy Equipment

We recycle our woodchips and firewood by providing it to the area's boy scout troops, churches, schools, and our elderly or underprivileged neighbors. Used as mulch the woodchips are able to break down and the nutrients in them are returned to the soil.

Helping the environment and the community

The next time you need a tree removed or pruned back, trust your local experts to get the job done right. At Halas Arborists, we take a traditional approach to tree care, using hand tools, small equipment, and rigging to get it done.


You'll feel the benefits in your yard first, as we don't leave tracks in your grass or cracks in your driveway, and gradually you'll notice it in the air you breathe and in the water you drink. We're all connected, so it's everyone's responsibility to go green anywhere you can.

•  Minimal impact - hand tools and small equipment

•  Staying local reduces pollution and fuel costs

•  Recycling the wood and chips

•  Continuing educations

•  Member of the Charlotte Arborists Association

•  ISA certification

•  Community support

For tree pruning or tree removal that is environmentally responsible, give us a call today.

Going Green

Our tree pruning and tree removal services are dedicated to doing the right thing for the environment. That's why we still do most of our work by hand.


Our green practices

Where does the wood go?

Because we stay within the Charlotte area, we're able to keep our transportation costs low and pass those savings on.

Trust your local experts in green tree pruning and removal